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The most important goal in the Pilates work is to preserve the integrity of the joint system while increasing strength in motion and stability. Each exercise in the Pilates regimen is designed wit these goals for the various facets of the body to create a versatile and fluid yet complete vocabulary of strong, stable mobilities. 

The technique created by Joseph Pilates was originally referred to by Joseph Pilates as “Body Contrology,” a term he created for what he was doing. In reference to Body Contrology, it would imply the study of controlling the body. That is what is now known publicly as the Pilates Work. But very few people keep in mind the reference of “studying the control of the body” while doing this work. The Pilates work is about establishing a stable center by which the body is safe in space and then challenging the center with distracting movement from other places in the body. The effect is to teach the body to be in constant center while the forces of gravity and body movement occur simultaneously. In doing so one will be able to maximize strength in relation to effort while minimizing wear and tear on the body.

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