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I began my experience in the work of Joseph Pilates in 1991 as an apprentice to an owner of a Pilates studio at a time when there where only three known locations for learning pilates type work in Denver. I studied dance and movement at college level for three years prior to apprenticing. I was fortunate that at this particular business, the owner of the studio had a solid relationship with Ron Fletcher, a student of Joseph Pilates and one of the elder deseminators of Joseph Pilates work. Ron Fletcher made regular workshop and teaching visits to the studio four or more times a year for the first ten years I worked in the studio. Two years into that ten years I and a partner became the owners of that studio. I received a certificate from Ron Fletcher for my teaching abilities.

I have been teaching over 25 years and in that time I have created a strong community of clients that have successfully benefitted from my guidance using the pilates techniques. I have guided many of them through challenges for the purpose of increasing their wellness, strength, performance, recovery from injury, and rehabilitation from surgeries including, hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement, spinal surgeries and spinal injuries. My experience in my career exceeds 50,000 hours of time in contact with, observing and guiding in the care of my clientele. 

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